Online Seminars

Top-Tier Engineer Online

Top-tier engineers have a balanced skill-set that sets them apart from other engineers. They know that much more than technical proficiency is needed for on-the-job success. Top-tier engineers have business skills, leadership ability and interpersonal aptitude—they are able to influence others, navigate conflict, negotiate, and communicate openly and clearly…Read more

Influence for Technical Leaders

There’s no point in having great ideas if no one’s listening to you. How can you become more influential in your organization? Leadership and project management consultant Gary Hinkle tells you how and, in this session, will get you started on your own leadership development plan so you’ll be able to influence managers and peers…Read more

Accurate Project Estimates

If you’re incredibly lucky, you won’t have to estimate tasks, duration and effort for your project, and you’ll still finish on time and on budget! But if you’re not willing to bank on that kind of incredible good fortune, project management consultant Gary Hinkle will make sure you’re ready to use estimation methods, tackle estimating pre-reqs, and sidestep common estimating mistakes…Read more

Engineering Metrics Online

Explore traditional methods and new, practical ideas for engineering metrics with Auxilium’s principal management consultant Gary Hinkle. Gary helps you answer the question, “What are the right metrics for our engineering organization?”…Read more

Rock-Solid Project Plans

Project Management Institute studies show that excellent project planning is the most important project success factor. Project management consultant Gary Hinkle outlines the essential elements that every project plan needs to meet the challenging demands of engineering projects…Read more