Productivity Solutions

Engineering Management Assessment

We can help improve the effectiveness of your engineering leaders and managers by implementing all or part of a ten-step approach…Read More

Project Management Analysis

A project management consultant will visit your site and review your organization’s project management methodology. He will review one or more of your project plans, including the risk mitigation plan. An analysis report will be delivered with recommendations for improvements…Read More

Product Development Assessment

We benchmark and assess your organization’s development process against 270 best practices for product development. This assessment serves as a benchmark and identifies the highest impact opportunities for further improvement…Read More

Management of Special Projects

When adding full-time project management employees or contractors with average project management skills isn’t a practical solution, our experienced project leaders can immediately take ownership of your challenging projects…Read More

Technical Productivity Assessment

A comprehensive process is used to assess your engineering or R&D organization’s productivity against best practices and our proprietary efficiency rating system. This assessment serves as a benchmark and identifies the highest impact opportunities for further improvement…Read More

Interim Engineering Management

Highly experienced consultants are available who can quickly get up-to-speed and lead your engineering department temporarily. We can help you hire an exceptional full-time leader while taking care of your important day-to-day engineering business.

Engineering Project Methodology

We can help your group implement modern methodology that speeds up projects, increases efficiency, and ultimately yields higher quality output. We’ll help you create a structured, flexible process and environment where teams can implement the best project lifecycle model depending on each individual project’s circumstances.

These modern methodologies include:

  • Rapid Iterations Project Management (generally best for speed, efficiency and quality)
  • Staged Delivery (many potential benefits)
  • Evolutionary Delivery (solicits customer feedback to finalize project requirements quickly)
  • Spiral (best practice for reducing major risks)

We can provide planning templates for any lifecycle model, and recommend software tools that help to manage schedules and resources.

Project Portfolio Management

We can help your organization prioritize all projects based on their business value, and help you develop a scoring system for ongoing prioritization.

Project Pipeline Management

With effective pipeline management, all projects in the organization have the resources needed when they are needed. People, money, facilities, and major equipment & material needs for all projects roll up to a master plan with the objective being that everything flows smoothly. We can help your organization with the methodology, tools and ownership needed to transform your organization to world-class resource management practices.

Organizational Improvements

Organizational structure matters for consistent project success. Also well-defined roles and responsibilities. We can assess your organization and make recommendations for improvements.

Project Risk Management

The identification and mitigation of risks is one of the most important activities for consistently successful projects. We can help your teams:

  • Identify project risks
  • Prioritize risks
  • Develop mitigation plans
  • Create a standard process and format for your project risk mitigation

Leadership & Management Coaching

Since 2002, Auxilium has helped thousands of engineering professionals develop leadership and management competencies. Our approach is unique, proven, and valued by technical leaders ranging in experience from new leaders to seasoned executives.

Our one-on-one coaching helps technical leaders:

  • Communicate more clearly and concisely
  • Improve listening and empathy
  • Delegate more effectively
  • Recognize and reward team member performance
  • Strengthen rapport and influence with stakeholders
  • Address employee performance issues
  • Improve organizational and planning skills
  • Handle very difficult leadership situations
  • and more…

Coaching is usually better than training when fast results are needed to improve a challenging leadership or management competency.

Engineering Project Planning

Our consultants can assist with planning specific projects to ensure that:

  • A comprehensive plan is prepared quickly (ideally, nothing slips through the cracks)
  • The critical path is well-understood, minimized and actively managed
  • Risk mitigation is thorough
  • The team plans for excellent communication and relationships with key stakeholders

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