Management of Special Projects

When adding full-time project management employees or contractors with average project management skills isn’t a practical solution, our experienced project leaders can immediately take ownership of your challenging projects.

Available on a flexible, as-needed basis, your projects can move forward without the hiring process and commitment associated with a full-time project manager. Auxilium’s project leaders get up to speed quickly and lead project teams in a highly efficient manner.


  • Easy staffing process
  • Lower cost than full-time staff
  • Exceptional leadership skills — quick ramp-up
  • Global & diverse team specialists
  • Only billed for value-added time
  • Long-term contracts not required
  • Can help advance your PM capability
  • Certified PMPs available

Use for…

  • …moving forward with projects in the queue or stalled projects
  • …maintaining a flat headcount
  • …product development, IT infrastructure, or business process improvement projects
  • …projects that don’t require full-time staffing
  • …short-term or intermittent projects
  • …troubled projects
  • …reducing stress and overload for your PM staff
  • …projects that can benefit from exceptional leadership skills

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