Top-Tier Engineer™ Workshop

Onsite Workshop

“Many good tips and tools to help me progress in a technical lead role.”
– Jeff Zeak, Sr. Hardware Engineer, Xyratex


Top-tier engineers have a balanced skill-set that sets them apart from other engineers. They know that much more than technical proficiency is needed for on-the-job success.

Top-tier engineers have business skills, leadership ability and interpersonal aptitude—they are able to influence others, navigate conflict, negotiate, and communicate openly and clearly.

Auxilium’s Top-Tier Engineer™ workshop helps to quickly develop the balanced skill-set that’s necessary for job success and career advancement. Since 2002, Auxilium has served the engineering community with a leading approach for developing essential competencies such as leadership, project management and communication. Our Top-Tier Engineer program is a unique and effective methodology for engineers and engineering leaders to develop and balance both technical and non-technical competencies.

During the workshop participants learn about the importance of specific competencies in these five areas: technical, communication, leadership, project management, and business fundamentals. Real world examples, case studies, and interactive exercises help connect the topics to everyday job situations. Using the results of an assessment that determines the level of competency in each area, you will then create a development plan optimized for your role, responsibilities, and the direction of your career growth.

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Top-Tier Engineer™ is a trademark of Auxilium, Inc.

Workshop Leader

02WEBElectronics, mechanical and software engineering are all part of Gary Hinkle’s background, working in design and management of communication equipment, industrial controls, telemetry systems, consumer audio, avionics, computers, test & measurement, among other industries. Today, he’s principal consultant at Auxilium, a company he founded in 2002 to help engineering-oriented businesses increase productivity.

Throughout his career Gary has worked with thousands of managers and engineers at hundreds of companies – leading projects and teams, helping to improve processes, and helping technical leaders develop leadership and management competencies. Much of Gary’s knowledge comes from working directly with customers and learning from them. He has experienced what works and what doesn’t work within hundreds of businesses. Consulting clients and participants in his workshops benefit from this experience. (More)

Who Should Attend

  1. Engineers working in R&D, design, manufacturing, testing, software development, applications/support
  2. Technical Project Leaders
  3. Technical Project Managers
  4. Engineering Managers and Directors
  5. Engineering Executive Leaders
  6. Chief Technologists

Participants’ Feedback

“The workshop inspired me to include more business focus when presenting to management.”
– Bob Tomihiro, Noregon Systems

“Many good tips and tools to help me progress in a technical lead role.”
– Jeff Zeak, Sr. Hardware Engineer, Xyratex

“The tools, techniques and tips will help me improve my concentration when listening, organize my daily agenda, and overcome distractions.”
– Justin Kretschmar, R&D Engineer, Teledyne Oil & Gas