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What Auxilium Clients Say

Great job of tailoring the basic concepts to the specifics of each attendee.

Mark Johnson, VP of Marketing, Instantiations, Inc.

Excellent ideas shown about building trust and respect. The course encouraged me to set a vision and direction for my team.

Joel Smith, Project Leader, A-Dec, Inc.

A '10' in terms of content and presentation. Very interactive and useful right away.

Sushil Nema, Engineer, Triquint Semiconductor

Excellent subject, well delivered. Understandable. Clear opportunities for me to apply what I learned to my own situation.

Eric Dye, Technical Marketing Engineer, Intel Corp.

The course content and examples were valuable. Good interaction between the presenter and students. It was well worth the cost and my time away from work!

Paul L. Fernandez, Jr., Sr. Engineer, Mitsubishi Digital

Great information, delivery, and discussions.

Dwaine Gilmer, Escalation Engineer, Microsoft Corp.

Practical advice for anyone in business or leadership. Exercises were very helpful. Instructor with real experience makes a big difference!

Mel Greenberg, Manager, Portland General Electric

The instructor drew a clear picture on how to improve for those of us who aren't managers.

Kang Yang, Engineer, Henkel-Loctite

Excellent course. Concepts were clearly presented - easy to understand. I will recommend to my engineering team.

Chatree Sitalasai, Engineering Supervisor, NMB Technologies

Many useful concepts. The workbook provides an outline that can be applied on the job.

Garth Weber, Mechanical Engineer, Cardinal Health

The exercises and practice opportunities got everyone involved. Once people get involved, it's easier to remember the material.

Edwin Vasquez, Engineer, Mitsubishi Digital

Gary is one of those rare people that combines engineering expertise with exceptional administrative, people, and management skills.

Mike Anderson, Technology Executive

Ken helped us implement Design to Cost. We have been very pleased with Ken and highly recommend his technical services.

James Koenig, Senior Manager, Aerospace Client

Gary exhibited a very strong and deep knowledge of the engineering function and particularly the product development process. He is easy to work with, smart and a dedicated professional.

Marcos Alonso, CFO, Consumer Electronics Client

Gary led our team to enhance product quality issues and prioritize the new product development portfolio. He is easy to work with and offers fresh insight to an organization that it might otherwise not see.

Mike Detmer, VP of Sales, Consumer Audio Client

I had the pleasure to work with Gary and found him to be a no-nonsense engineering executive with great leadership and managerial skills. His knowledge and experience will be assets to any organizations seeking engineering leadership. I highly recommend Gary.

Ming Liang, Category Director, Nortek

I am very impressed with Gary's ability to get to the root cause of an issue quickly and create a process to make the issue go away.

Robert Ridenour, General Manager

Gary is a unique leader who understands the technical issues, the people issues, and the business issues. His ability to never lose sight of the goal while bringing out the best in each one of us allowed our company to overachieve. Gary is the leader you want in your corner.

Jose Cofino, Software Director, Consumer Electronics Client

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